Last Events of the Year!

This month’s routine orders (June) can be found [ here ] .

Your cadet is attending Bubble Soccer
  • Please respect the drop off and pick up times for your session:
    Session 1: 1850-2000
    Session 2: 1950-2100
Decoration Day (10 June)
  • Attending cadets need to be in their compete uniform.
Closing Barbecue and Uniform Return (14 June)
  • Barbecue details were previously emailed– all items must be ordered and paid for in advance
  • All uniform parts must be cleaned and then returned on this day – in a labelled bag.

Return Event Permission letters

  • Decoration Day – (due 7 June)
  • Closing barbecue – (due 7 June with EXACT payment)

Thank you for your support at our Annual Review. 

  • Thank you if you were able to attend and for your assistance at all events during the year.


Along with regular classes on 5 October, we are introducing information about competitions. We offer four teams that compete with other cadets corps in our squadron. If our team finishes in first place at the squadron level, we then compete in the provincial competition against teams from other squadrons across Ontario.

Cadets may try out for one of: seamanship (7 cadets), first aid (6 cadets), and semaphore (6 cadets). Cadets may also try out for the drill team (15 cadets). As not all cadets will make a competition team, some teams may also have a practice squad that will work to improve skills for next year’s team.

The squadron competitions are being held at the Optimist Hall from 9 March 2018 to 11 March 2018. More details about the times, etc. will be released when confirmed.

Please send your cadet with $1 for canteen. They are NOT allowed to purchase more than that.

Cap and Boots:
We are working on supplying all New Entries with cap and boots. If we do not have your cadet’s size for cap, we plan on ordering more caps ($68 + cap tally). We will try to do this fairly soon, but we are trying to place one order instead of several. Delivery times depend on when our supplier.
Boots are a different issue as they are quite expensive to purchase ($175) from our supplier. We are looking into alternatives. One alternative is to ask you to purchase a pair of sturdy black dress shoes for use at cadet functions. We will let you know how we plan to proceed with this issue.

26 Sept – Ceremonial Divisons!

  • This week we will start off the evening with “Ceremonial Divisions”: an inspection and the march past ceremony.
  • New Entries should be in white shirt, black pants and shoes.
  • Other cadets should have their uniforms in top shape: cleaned and shoes polished.
  • We will also be having training classes later in the evening.
  • A reminder that canteen is available for cadets: $1 for a drinking box and snack combo.
  • Please return the camp registration form
  • Also, if you have not already done so, return the Volunteering sheet. Lost your copy? Check your e-mail!
  • Please watch for the Routine Orders for October and letters for some events in November later in the week.