Competition Training Night: February 13, 2024

Competition Training – Seamanship & Semaphore

Timings: 1900 to 2030hrs

Location: Newmarket Optimist Youth Club, back door. DO NOT ENTER THROUGH THE FRONT.  Another group uses the Hall and we are only allowed access to the Parade Square and of course washrooms, one at a time.

Cadets who attended the last session for Semaphore, please bring your duotangs. I hope you studied at home! You will be teaching me or some parents who wish to get involved!

Parents if you are staying, you will be eligible to stay with us on the Parade Square.  We may use you as props or students

Cadet belongings will stay on the Parade Square. 

Training Night: September 14, 2023

Welcome back & welcome to our newest cadets who joined us last week on registration night!

A good amount of information was shared last week and I am sure many of our new cadet parents have questions. A lot of your answers can be found in our Parent Handbook (attached).  

We will do our best to provide Monthly Routine Orders (two months at a time) to help plan your cadet’s attendance with NLCC Carinthia. Certain activities are considered mandatory attendance – Thursday evenings, Poppy Campaigns, Legion Parades & Tagging. Once competition teams come into play, attendance is strongly encouraged to allow the best performance of your cadet’s team. Routine Orders also show the expected uniform to be worn at said activity. September and October are attached as well as a preview of the year’s activities

OCs to CPOs

September 14th is regular training – uniforms are expected to be worn. If you’re still waiting for a uniform part exchange – please wear your Corps T Shirt, dark pants. Regular arrival time

Bring your pencil and workbook – found at; Training – NLCC Carinthia

Fill out this GOOGLE FORM for the activities as we need a headcount to send off permission forms. This may have been asked for last week but many missed on the attendance form.

Cash payment for Let’s try Dragon Boat Day can be dropped off at the Office 


September 14th is regular training. NEs will learn about their uniform. Please wear a white button shirt with black pants.  Arrival 1900

Please only wear non-marking shoes

Bring your pencil and workbook – found at; Training – NLCC Carinthia

Fill out this GOOGLE FORM for the activities as we need a headcount to send off permission forms.

Our Coxswain from 2023 is with us until October. For the month of September, we ask all cadets to form up in ONE DIVISION until we sort out our Divisional Petty Officers and their Division Names as well as the rest of our Cadet Staff. Once you all arrive be ready to form up at 1840-1845 – returning cadets, please help our NEs understand what it is to stand in DIVISION and get ready for Colors. This will also help everyone remember how to form up for our Newmarket Legion Convention Parade on September 30th.

Canteen will be available this year for purchase $1.

Cadets please bring their own drinks.

Cadets do not forget to label your ball caps & Cinch Sacks with your last name.

Parents remember to drop off & pick up your cadet personally. If someone else is bringing your cadet home, the office must be made aware.

Scanlon Creek: March 26, 2022


  • Complete COVID SAQ
  • Arrival 0830 (8:30am) with a parent who can not leave until cadet is signed in with a volunteer
  • Bring a mask (just in case indoors requires one), peanut free lunch/snacks, water bottle
  • Dress for the weather – layers, touque (winter hat), winter gloves, warm jacket
  • It is muddy – rain boots or winter boots. Do not wear running shoes!
  • Departure 1400 (2:00pm) – cadet leaves with a parent.  If another person is picking up your cadet, we must be told at arrival.  We will not release your cadet to unauthorized adults.
  • Cadets who turned 12 years old as of Jan 1, 2022 do not need to show proof of vaccination.  Simcoe County has a 12 week grace period for vaccinations.  As of April 2022, Scanlon Creek is allowed to remove this requirement on their day camps!

Scanlon Creek Conservation Area
2450 9th Line
Bradford, ON, L3Z 2A5