IMPORTANT: 2020-2021 Training Plan

As we prepare for the upcoming training year, we are implementing national and local COVID-19 safety/public health measures. We are planning to resume in-person training for returning cadets only in October. More information will be sent by email to returning cadets.

Updated Contact Information

We have retired our land line and are not reachable by phone. Officers will still be able to contact you during training, if required. Please make sure the office has your most up-to-date contact information. We will verify contact information for all new and returning cadets at our next registration night

Please send general inquiries by email to

Plans are being made to restart programming in September that is in line with local health and national guidelines and more information will be posted when available.

March comes ROARing in…

Whatever the weather, March comes in like a lion at NLCC Carinthia. The routine orders have been posted with all of our planned activities, starting with practices for Squadron Competitions on March 7th. Teams finishing in first place will continue practices to prepare for provincial competitions in Toronto at the end of the month. And while all of this is happening, we have our regular training going on!

There will be NO CADETS during March Break (16-20 March). We hope you enjoy your break!

But if you think March is busy… wait until May.

December and January

December brings us near the end of our training program for most of the training levels. Cadets completing New Entry, Ordinary Cadet, Able Cadet, and Leading Cadet levels will write exams in January and then will start on their next level. More information will be sent home closer to the exam date.

Before all of that happens, December is a busy month with tagging, competition practice, training, a mess dinner, and Laser Quest all happening before we break for the holidays. Our last night of cadets will be December 19th. We will resume training on January 9th. New entry registration will be held that evening starting at 1915 hrs. We’ll let you know about the schedule for the returning cadets shortly.

Registration information, including necessary forms, is available on our JOIN page.

The Routine Orders for December have been posted.

October at NLCC Carinthia

And with our first fun-filled camp under our belt, September has come to an end. We enrolled 35 New Entries and training at all levels is underway. Registration for new entries is closed. More information about our next registration date(s) will be posted here – watch this space!

October is filled with training, competition practice and a sports night. The Routine Orders for October have been posted with the schedule and a preview of events happening later in the training year.

September Registration

Outdated forms have been removed.

The new 2019/20 Handbook is now available! It contains a lot of useful information from the Ship’s Routine to uniform maintenance.


On registration night, we ask our cadets to bring in the necessary documents and updated forms (originals please) as follows.

New Entries:

  • Proof of age/residency, i.e., birth certificate, passport
  • Current provincial health card
  • NL-202 Cadet Membership Application (fill in, print, & sign)
  • NL_205_Medical-Questionnaire (fill in, print, & sign)
  • 2019 Registration Reminders (print, & sign)
  • 2019 Uniform Loan Agreement (print & sign

Returning Cadets:

We will also be providing training to the cadets in staff positions for the upcoming year. The schedule for the evening is:

1830-1915: New Entry Registration
1915-1930: Presentation for new cadets and families
1930-2015: Returning Cadet Administration and Supply**
2015-2045: Ship’s Routine Training for all Staff Cadets, DPO, Signalmen and Messengers

** If anyone is requesting a uniform exchange, you will need to email with the cadet’s full name and details of which uniform parts to be exchanged, including the reason/new size needed if known.  All uniform parts needing to be exchanged must be freshly laundered. New parts will not be issued without the return of the original part, so please bring them with you on registration night to avoid delays.

2019-2020 Training Year

The officers are preparing for another amazing year at NLCC Carinthia. Our first night will be 5 September 2019 for new entry registration, administration, and supply. Stay tuned – more information will be sent by email soon!

Annual Inspection

This week, we are preparing for our Annual Inspection that will happen on Sunday, May 26, at the Magna Centre.

Send an email to if you need to:

  • complete permission forms for Annual, or
  • sign up for the pot luck

Thursday, 23 May

  • Cadets do NOT wear their uniforms tonight. Wear suitable clothes for preparing for Annual.
  • We hope to finalize our displays and fine tune our demonstrations for Annual.
  • Cadets that have attended at least 90% of the regular training nights since September (or from January for later registrations) will receive an Attendance Award Certificate.

Practice Day, 25 May

  • 0930-1600 at the Magna Centre, 800 Mulock Dr. Newmarket in the Scotiabank Arena (easiest access from the west side of building)
  • bring cleaned uniform on hangers, covered with labelled bag, polished boots go in a different labelled bag
  • bring a peanut free lunch and snacks and filled reusable water bottle
  • canteen will NOT be available due to change in location

Practice and Annual, 26 May

  • 0930 cadet drop off at the Magna Centre, 800 Mulock Dr. Newmarket in the Scotiabank Arena (easiest access from the west side of building)
  • bring a peanut free lunch and snacks and filled reusable water bottle
  • parent/guardians/guests arrive for 1400
  • contributions to the After Annual Celebration should be brought when arriving to see the Annual (Branch members will direct placing the items)