Last Events of the Year!

This month’s routine orders (June) can be found [ here ] .

Your cadet is attending Bubble Soccer
  • Please respect the drop off and pick up times for your session:
    Session 1: 1850-2000
    Session 2: 1950-2100
Decoration Day (10 June)
  • Attending cadets need to be in their compete uniform.
Closing Barbecue and Uniform Return (14 June)
  • Barbecue details were previously emailed– all items must be ordered and paid for in advance
  • All uniform parts must be cleaned and then returned on this day – in a labelled bag.

Return Event Permission letters

  • Decoration Day – (due 7 June)
  • Closing barbecue – (due 7 June with EXACT payment)

Thank you for your support at our Annual Review. 

  • Thank you if you were able to attend and for your assistance at all events during the year.

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